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SaveGraves mission is to save you time, money and loads of frustration by pointing  you to useful sites and tools designed to help you avoid getting bogged down with thousands of head-spinning links. Creating a family tree does not need to be expensive.  Our goal is to save you time, money and frustration on your genealogical journey.   


Getting started on your tree

To get started all you need is a name and a general idea of when and where your ancestor lived. It's easy to get bogged down in sites with thousands of links that will have your head spinning. Best advice is to start small with a name and a place and build from there.

Creating your family tree is like working on a giant jigsaw puzzle. Piece by piece it fits together. Start is with you and work backwards. How? By utilizing the many excellent tools available to help you solve your family tree puzzle.

Before you consider hiring a professional genealogist or signing up for one of many paid online sites, check out the many free options you will find here at SaveGraves for your initial searches. This site was designed to save you much time and money by offering useful search tips and directing you to free and useful sites.

To get you started, SaveGraves is bringing together information sources that offer free online access. The initial focus is on Canadian information sources. This approach is designed to save you the time and frustration of sifting through thousands of North American links.

Check out these sites before you start. Chances are some distant relative has already done the research and publicly posted information relevant to your genealogy.

Rootsweb Message Boards
World Connect Global Search
FamilySearch Organization submitted family trees   

When you set up your free account with FamilySearch, you can opt-in to receive email notifications when someone adds information of an ancestor.  It's an amazing tool. 

Is DNA Testing right for you?

To spit or not to spit?

Imagine a tiny swipe of saliva unlocking your genetic history. Who you are & what health issues you may have are answers now easily determined and affordable.  It's also a lot of fun.  Who knew my GGGGGGGGG Grandmother was a Neanderthal? 

I recently came upon the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy

This is an excellent piece of scientifically researched work by experts in fields of Genetics & Genealogy.  

Even if you have no idea of where your family came from or where your line started, you will find some great research tips and resources to get you started.

They walk you through the ins and outs of DNA testing as well as guide you to the product that's right for you. Definately worth the read.

Other GenEalogy Research Links

Helpful and relevant links have been chosen specifically for this purpose. When you are ready for immigration research, visit  British-roots  Irish-roots , Scots-roots and Heritage-roots pages for international information sources.   New digital records are added every day so check back often.

How to start? 

Throw a family party. Tell everyone to bring old photos and memories.  Write details on the back of the pictures and start scanning.  

Savegraves wishes you a fun and fruitful genealogical journey.