Orphan Photographs - Do you know me?

One of the most exciting experiences of Family Tree researching is finding pictures of ancestors we've never met, especially when chestnut curly hair, or large green eyes look back at you like a mirror image of yourself.    Sadly, many old photographs are never claimed because our ancestors did not understand the concept of writing details of who, what, where when, why on the back of the picture.  Very sad.  

Ancestry Orphan Photographs

Such a shame when a wonderful picture from the past becomes an orphan because ancestors  didn't think to write details on the back of the photo.

These are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of orphaned pictures. People are busy living and don't think about dusty old pictures of 'ancient people'.  Don't let this happen to your ancestors (or you!).  Check the attic, basement, old chests and drawers. Then sit down with your family elders and document what they know of your family history.  Do it now. Before it's too late. 

If you have ay information that might help these people reunite with their family please email us.   We'll add the information here.

If you have unidentified pictures you would like to share,  email  them to us and we'll post them here.   Include as much information as you can.

There are many, many unidentified pics at the Bruce County Museum site.   Well worth a mosey through the collection.

Dead Fred 

Dead Fred

Dead Fred is a orphan photo archive and it's free!  Gotta love the name, eh?

Be sure to check out the Dead Fred genealogy photo archive for lost souls. The site has over 110,000 images and approximately 18,000 with surnames identified.  Lots and lots from Ontario! You can do a name search or enter just a province in the search parameters to bring up all pictures from the area.  It would be difficult to recognize your kin but not impossible as over 2,000 orphans have been reunited with their families.  You can upload your photos as well.  Dead Fred Search

Mystery Photographs posted on Our Ontario 

See some unidentified photos uploaded by the public seeking answers.  Have a look. You never know who you might find.  View mystery photographs