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Family Tree Safe Storage

Proper preserving techniques are a must to ensure your treasured family survives for future generations to enjoy.  Investing in secure and safe storage formats is an absolute must.  

Of the many available options for genealogy record storage, the format you choose will depend on the free time you have  to work on your tree and the dollars you want to spend. There are many family tree-maker software packages and ready-made scrapbook options available.

Alternatively, you can chose to subscribe to a fee-based site such as Geni, Ancestry or My Heritage that offers the ability to create, store and share your family tree, photographs and other genealogical data online. This option allows you access to your tree from any location at any time.  

Initially, you may want to start with scrapbook format to store ancestry records in hard copy then transfer your family tree information and pictures to an online site later on. Genealogy Scrapbooks come in kit form all ready for you to add your information. Personalized family ancestry books also make great gifts. 

The online ancestry storage option will expand your reach and allow others to find you and share their information with you.  But keep in mind, whichever format you chose, if it's too unwieldy or difficult to navigate, you will lose interest and your descendants won't be able to follow the path!  All your hard work will be for naught!  

There are many software Family Tree programs available with storage options for documents, videos and photographs.   

Physical Storage

For physical storage of original documents,  online stores that carry specialty genealogical archive storage materials such as acid free pockets.  For old original documents this is a must-do.  Very useful reading -  Archival Storage. and Preservation of Archival Records

CD's are not recommended given inherent risks of disc damage due to "CD rot", wear and tear and the obvious obsolescence factor! 

These days, we have CLOUD storage. We use Google but lots of others out there.  Scan and upload your precious ancestry documents and photographs.  Just be sure to pass on the LOGIN information so it's not lost down the road.