The people that time forgot

Illegible neglected broken tombstone 1800's

Who are they and what is their story?

Time and neglect are rapidly destroying a critical part of our history.  As villages became towns and towns became cities, many graveyards were moved or simply plowed over as urban sprawl pushed city boundaries further and further out. Still others were abandoned as families moved away and the dead were eventually forgotten. 

The race is on around the world to find and digitally record these gravestones before they disappear never to be seen again. 

This sad grave is located in Toronto, Canada and clearly shows how critical it is that we get to these fading burial sites fast and record their story before they're lost forever. 

Toronto Urban Sprawl

From 1825-55 many of Toronto's dead were buried  in Potter's Field which was situated west of  Yonge St. on the north side of  Bloor. Eventually urban sprawl forced its closure and from 1851-81, about 6,700 bodies were moved to Mount Pleasant and Toronto Necropolis Cemeteries.

Upon reinterment, most of the stones were placed flat on the ground and have since succumbed to overgrowth and damage due to time and neglect.

As SaveGraves finds, cleans and records the  stones, we hope that these previously lost souls will reconnect with family. These graves  e.g. Mary Clarkson and John Francis are included below.  We've done a bit of research on the deceased and cause of death or other information is included for some of the graves.  More will be added as research is completed.

Say Hi!  

When Potter's Field was relocated in 1850s, several hundred bodies were left behind and are still resting under 'Mink Mile'.  So if you're in the Yonge and Bloor St. area, do tip your hat and say Hi! to the pioneers of this great city, Toronto.

Childrens Aid Society gravestone dedicated to children who died in their care

Tombstone erected by the Children's Aid Society dedicated to young children who died in their care.

St. James Cemetery, Toronto 

Emily Baker
Emily Baker
Died May 25 185_ ?

Age 28 years

And her husband
Norman Baker

Sept 25 18__

Age 31 years

Mary Bannerman
Mary Bannerman

Daughter of John Bannerman & Mary

Born Scotland. Died Dec 20 1834  Age 16

Cause of death - Hysterical Passion

No longer considered a real ailment. Read more from Wiki here.

Buried Potter's Field Yonge & Bloor Sts Toronto. Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery when Potter's was closed

Judith Bawdwen
Judith Bawdwen

Daughter of Reverend William Bawdwen

Died August 3 1849 of dysentry at King's College while visiting Toronto.

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto.

Thomas Beatty  Mary Beatty
Thomas Beatty

Died Jan 28 1912 Age 76 10 months

His wife -

Mary Ann Lindsay

Died Apr 4 1921

Buried Duxbury Cemetery St Vincent Meaford Ontario Canada

Daniel Benedict
Daniel Benedict
Elizabeth Durant

w/o Daniel Benedict d Jul 1932

Susan Benedict 

b Dec 1841 d 1907

Hattie J Baker  Charles E Blatchford
Hattie J Baker 
Born in Buffalo Nov 29 1847

Died Toronto Apr 2 1904

Her husband 
Charles E Blatchford

Born Mar 24 1848

Died May 11 1935

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


John Boyd   William J Boyd
John Boyd

Died Jul 11 1861 Age 58

His son

William J Boyd

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery Euphrasia Grey Highlands


James E. Bowman

Born July 15 1875 Died October 18 1834

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery

James E. Bowman d. Oct 18 1834


Lola E Breadner
Lola E Breadner

Died Spetember 24 1916

Age 3 months

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery Euphrasia Grey Highands Ontario Canada


Robert Breadner

Native of Ireland County Armagh

Died March 26 1851  

Age 55 years &2 months

Buried Temple Hill, Euphrasia,

Grey Highlands


Brennand Edith Alice
Edith Alice Brennand

Daughter of Thomas and Agnes Brennand.

Born Dec 14 1895

Died May 4 1909 age 13

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Florence Annie Brown

Born Oct 1 1889  Died Oct 26 1930

COD Acute Myocarditis

Her husband, Sidney Day

Born Sept 1 1887  Died Sept 12 1962

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Florance Annie Brown Day & Sidney Day


Abigail Best
Abigail Best

Born 1784 in County Armaugh, Parish of Loughgall

Died Dec 5 1852 age 68 of 'Old Age'

Originally buried in Potters Field, located Yonge and Bloor. Moved to Necropolis Cemetery Dec 9 1856 to a plot owned by Nathaniel McDole


John Cyril Buffey

Died October 26 1930. Aged 9  years
Son of William & Bessie Buffey

Cause of death: Diptheria Hemorrhage

John Cyril Buffey Age 9 grave


Mary Ann Parsons Butt
Matilda Ann Parsons Butt,

Born Mar 16, 1820 in Saint George Bay, Newfoundland.  

Died 1899, age 79.

Wife of George Butt  born abt 1811. 

Buried in St. James Cemetery, 


Ida Alice Carson
Ida Alice Carson
Born Montreal 1871 Died Toronto York Jun 27 1887 of heart disease. Buried Necropolis Cemetery Toronto ON
Also -
Elizabeth Warnock
Carson, Andrew
Mary Warnock


Charlotte Carson

Charlotte Carson

Wife of R.H. Carson died May 25, 1911 Age 33 years 3 months. Buried Duxbury Cemetery St Vincent Meaford Ontario Canada


Kathleen Chapman
Daughter of Ralph Chapman and Jessie Rolfe

Born Feb 24 1919  Died Jan 22 1931 Aged 11 years

COD Scarlet Fever & Pneumonia

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Kathleen Chapman daughter of Ralph Chapman and Jessie Rolfe


Thomas J Clarke
Thomas J Clarke

Died Oct 1901 Age 56

Margaret Clarke

His wife Died Jul 1919 Age 70


Mary Clarkson  Victoria Clarkson
Mary Clarkson
Wife of  Thomas Clarkson

Died. Apr 6 1843 age 28 years.

Born in England. Cause: Confinement

Also daughter  Victoria Clarkson

Died  Nov 17 1840, age 5 mos. Cause:Inflammation

Buried Potter's Field Bloor & Yonge Sts Toronto Ontario  Canada

Upon Potter's closing re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada 


Maria Ablett Cook

Maria Ablett Cook 
Died Dec 1916 Age 80
Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario


William Cook
William Cook

Born Oct 6 1832 Died May 4 1880

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Esther Cooper
Esther Cooper

Born Jan 27 1820 in Bristol Englang. Died Dec 29 1898 age 79  

Esther was a widow on 1891 census. She and daughter Sophia lived with Esther's son Charles in Toronto. Sophia never married.

Buried St. James Cemetery Toronto Ontario

William Cooper
William Cooper

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Maggie Corton
Maggie Corton

Died Mar 2 18__ Age 22 years

Ella Corton

Died Sep 7 1898 Age 17 years

Daughters of Samuel Corton and
Charlotte Corton

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto


Sarah E Cox
Sarah E Cox
Wife of  William Juniper

Died Feb 22 1897

Buried Duxbury Cemetery Meaford Ontario


Maud Cruise
Maud Cruise
Wife of George Cruise

Died Oct 15 1899 Age 26

A loving wife
A sister dear
A tender parent lieth here
Great is the loss we here sustain
But hope in heaven to meet again


Kezia Victoria Curry
Kezia Victoria Curry

Daughter of Nathaniel Curry and Mary Ann Curry

Died Mar 26 1881 Age 6

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery Euphrasia Grey Highlands Ontario Canada

Lucy Maud (Dibben) Larman

Died October 30 1930 Age 62

Her husband Joseph Larman 

Died Dec 1 1943 Age 75

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Lucy Maud Dibben wife of Joseph Larman


Thomas Dobson
Thomas Dobson

Born Oct 29 1838

Died Nov 6 1899

Native of County Tyrone, Ireland

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Leighton S Drury
Leighton S Drury

Son of William Drury and Marie (?) Drury

Died March 25 1900 

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


m Dulmage
M ? Dulmage
Daughter of Richard Allan

Died Jun 29 186_  Age 4 months

Buried St James Cemetery


James Dunlop
James Dunlop
Son of Robert Dunlop

Died age 2 years 

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery Grey County


Elizabeth Falls
Elizabeth Falls
Wife of  William Falls

Died Jan 29 1866  Age 45

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery Euphrasia Grey Highlands


Thomas Fisher 
Died Oct 27 1930
Also his wife
Katie Annie Fisher
Died 13, 1932
Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
Thomas Fisher and Katie Annie Fisher his wife


Walter Fisher died 1849
Walter Fisher

Chief Mate Royal Princess

Husband of Elora Fisher

Died Jul 31 1849 Age 41 years 

Cause of death Cholera

Buried  Potters Field Yonge and Bloor Streets Toronto

Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto Ontario


John Francis
John Francis

Born Kent England

Died "after a painful illness" in Toronto on April 29 1837. Age 38

He was an employee of stone maker Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, a factory located in Toronto down by the steamboat wharves.

This large beautiful stone is likely the work of his employer.

According to the death register the painful illness was liver related. Cancer perhaps.

Buried in Potter's Field (Yonge and Bloor Streets) then moved to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto Ontario when Potter's was closed 


Maggie A Garner
Maggie A Garner
William Garner and Ann Garner 

Born Dec 17 1870

Died Jan 12 1871 at Toronto Ontario

Twin sister of  Willie Garner


Willie Garner

Willie Garner
Son of William and Ann Garner

Born Dec 17 1870 

Died Jan 12 1871 at Toronto Ontario

Twin brother of Maggie A Garner


Rebekah Gee died 1855 w/o Ezra
Rebekah Gee
Wife of Ezra Gee

Died March 19 1855  Age 32

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario


Francis Gilbert
Francis S Gilbert

Born Salisbury Wiltshire England Octber 19 1819. Died April 20 1892 Toronto 

Lucy Gilbert

His wife. Born 1833 died 1903

Buried  St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


John Gillespie
John Gillespie
Son of Donald Gillespie and Isabella Gillespie

Born in Scotland. Died Toronto Feb 22 1845  Age 23 years

Cause of death - Inflammation

Buried in Potters Field Bllor and Yonge Sts Toronto . Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada 


Adam Graham

Adam Graham

Native of Co. Fermanagh Norther Ireland

Died January 5, 1902 Age 42

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Hannah died May 4 1885 Died Age 16
Hannah  (last name illegible)

Died May 4 1885

Age 16 years 21 days


Hannah J Haskill George Haskill Caroline Haskill
Hannah J Haskill

Daughter of  George Haskill and Caroline Haskill

Died April 14 1866 Age 2 months

Buried Duxbury Cemetery St Vincent Meaford Ontario Canada


Edward Henry  Letitia Martin Henry
Edward Henry 

Born 1829  Died 1893

Letitia Martin

Born 1833  Died 1908


Mary A Hitchcock William A Stollery  Ella A Hall James D Stollery
Mary A Hitchcock,
Wife of William A. Stollery

Born Apr 8, 1832  Died Aug 29, 1900.

William A. Stollery 
husband of Mary A. Hitchcock, 

Born Mar 6, 1832  Died Jun 12, 1903

Ella A Hall 

wife of James D. Stollery

Born Jun 23 1866  Died Feb 1 1923

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario Canada


Francis Hewson  Maria Hewson
Francis Hewson

Born in Ireland

Died Jun 3 1848 Age 69

Cause: Palpitation of the heart

Maria Hewson  

Died 1850

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada

Daniel Hick  Henry WIlliams Hick  Ann Williams Hick
Daniel Hick

Born in England

Died Aug 30 1851  Age 34 years (?)

His son

Henry Williams Hick

Died Jul 6 1853   Age 11 years

His daughter 

Ann Williams Hick

Died Sept 5 1857  Age 17 years

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Mary Spencce Hill  Mark E Hill
Mary Spence Hill

Wife of Mark E. Hill
Died Oct. 7, 1892  Age 34. 

Buried in St. James Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario Canada


Stephen Hill Sr
Stephen Hill Sr. 

Died Nov 13 1899.

Buried St  James Cemetery Toronto Ontario 


William Roy Hunter
Husband of Helen Heatly
Born Aug 15 1891 in Scotland
Died Dec 3 1930  Aged 39 years
Father -  John Hunter, Mother - Margaret Roy
COD - Diabetes mellitus and TB
Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery


William Huston Rebecca Huston
William Huston

Died March 1, 1887 age 77

Rebecca Huston

Died (at London ON) March 3, 1901 age 88

Buried St James Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada


Carl Igelstrom
Carl Igelstrom 

Died Feb 7 1905.  

Mary Ellen Walker 

Died Oct 21 1896.  His wife.

Buried St. James Cemetery Toronto Ontario


Louise Leufesty Marie Leufesty Pierre Leufesty
Louise Leufesty
Wife of  Pierre Leufesty

Died . Jan 14 1847 age 27. Born Island of Guernsey. Cause: Consumption.  

And her daughter Marie Leufesty 
Died January 23 1847 age 4 months .
Cause: 'decline'. 
And her son Pierre Leufesty 
Died March 1847 aged 4 years 6 months.

Buried Potter's Field. Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.


Alexander Lilly Martha Mills Vivian Russell Ethel Wilson Reginald Elliot
Alexander Lilly 

Died 1933. Buried but not listed onthe monument

Martha Mills wife of Alexander Lilly

Died Sep 2 1919.  Age 58

Ethal Wilson wife of Reginald Elliott died May 25 1908 age 56

Vivian Russell daughter of Ethel Wilson and Reginald Elliott died May 21 1908 age 8 months

Buried Prospect Cemetery Toronto Ontario Canada



Fannie Lougheed
Fannie Lougheed
W. J.

Died March 6 1880  Age 22 years

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery, Euphrasia, Grey Highlands


Michael Longaway
Michael Longaway

Died June 8 1894 

Age 75 years


William McGill

William MaGill 

Died July 22, 1899

"I have chosen the way of truth"

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


John Manarey

John Manarey

Died May 30 1884

Age 29 years 3 months

Buried Temple Hill Grey County Ontario Canada


William Manarey
William Manarley

Died April 16 1858 Age 32

Native of County Armagh


Thomas Arthur  Ellen Maud children of Thomas and Louisa

Children of

Thomas and Louisa ?
(last name illegible  

Thomas Arthur 

Died August 30 1809 (?)

Ellen Maud

Died March 18_6   Age 17 months


Eliza Emma Milsom
Eliza Emma Milsom
B, Milsom

Having trouble deciphering this. It looks like a husband and wife or daughter. Top first name illegible and second initial looks like

'B'. Milson and Eliza Emma ???  
A mystery for you to solve. Let us know if you solve the puzzle and we'll update the details.

Buried in St. James. Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario


Sarah A McLennan  Charles J McLennan
Sarah A McLennan
Wife of Charles J. McLennan

Died April 23 1852

Age 38

Charles J McLennan

Died Jul 3 1881 (?)

Age 64 years


Ana M. K. Mosiman Frederica R.  Mosiman
Ana M. K. Mosiman

Born Jan 12 1821

Died Nov 18 1851

Age 30

Her daughter - 

Frederica R. 

Born Nov 10 1851

Died Nov 18 1851


Thomas Neun Mary Neun William Albert Neun
Thomas Neun

Died Feb 6 1901 Age 63 years

His Wife - 

Mary Neun 

Died Dec 15 1910 Age 60

Their son - 

William Albert Neun

Born Aug 19 1874

Died Jan 31 1926

Age 51


William Oxley Robert Oxley
William Oxley
Brother of  Robert Oxley

Died May 29 1849

Age 43 years. Born in Ireland.

Cause:  Inflammation of lungs. 

Buried Potter's Field Toronto. Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto Ontario


Philadelphia Paine  Philadelphia Taylor
Philadelphia Taylor

Died Sept 6 1893 Age 64

Philadelphia Paine

Died Dec 21 1881 

Age 75

Buried Duxbury Cemetery St Vincent Meaford Ontario Canada

John Jenkins Parry 1822-1912 St. James Cemetery

John Kenkins Parry

Born Apr 22 1822

Died Jul 8 1912

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto


Daniel Patton
Daniel Patton

Native County Derry Ireland

Died Nov 25 1897

Buried Temple Hill Cemetery Euphrasia Grey Highland


Frederic Courtenay Price  Ferrier Price
Frederic Courtenay Price 

Born Toronto 1877

Died Toronto Feb 1898.  Age 21

4th son of Ferrier Price

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery Lot D 29 Cause of death - consumption


Alexander F. Perkins
Alexander F Perkins
Husband of Mary. A.E. Boys 

Born June 9 1869

Died June 29 1932

William Redpath Ann Samuel  Margaret Redpath Annie Redpath
William Redpath

Born 1836 Died 1917

Ann Samuel wife of WIlliam Redpath

Born 1838 Died 1915


Margaret Redpath Born 1863 Died 1891

Annie Redpath Born 1867 Died 1899

James Reynolds 

Born Dublin Ireland July 1815

Died October 2 1905

Age 95

At Toronto

Lived at 107 McGill St Toronto 

Freddie Richardson Killed by Lightning
Freddie Richardson
Age 10

Killed by lightning Jun 2 1894 at Exhibition Place in Toronto Ontario Canada

Son of Angus Richardson

Freddie Richardson death by ightening
Freddie Richardson found dead by father 1894
Mary Wilcox Ridney death
Mary Jennette Wilcox

Note: Death records list her middle name as Jane.

Born USA 1816

Wife of Thomas Rigney

Died October 29 1843 

Age 26

and her son 

Thomas Rigney

Aug 27 1843  Age 2 weeks

Originally buried in Potter's Field, Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Jemima Ross Red River Settlement Death

Jemima Ross     Died June 29 1867

Part of Red River Settlement. 

Wife of William Col________  illegible

And her daughter Ellen Ross Col________. Died July 13 1867

Age 5 months and 16 days

Albert E Round death 1930
Albert E. Round

Born August 7 1874

Died October 29 1930

Also his wife 

Elizabeth Tobin

Born Nov 24 1875

Died July 15 1947 

Mary Ann Rows Bell wife of John Bell
Mary Ann Rows

Born abt April 1862

w/o John Bell

Died February 17 1892

Aged 30 years 10 Months

Buried Druxbury Cemetery, Meaford Ontario

Anne Gregg Ryan died July 10 1901.
Anne Gregg Ryan

w/o Hugh P. Savigny P.L.S.

Died July 10 1901

Author of 'Lion The Mastiff'

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto

Caroline A. Semour, Harold John McLennan, Catherine Francis McLennan, buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto 1865
Caroline A. Seymour
w/o Hugh McLennan
Died Aug 28 1865 Age 26
her son
Harold John Seymour
Died Aug 16 1865 Age 4 years
her daughter
Catherine Francis McLennan
Died Aug 30 1865 Age 10 months

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto

Agnes Slean, Thomas Slean, Amelia Slean, St James Cemetery, Toronto
Agnes Slean
Born Dec 6 1865.
Died Feb 15 1895
her husband
Thomas Slean 1862-1921
his 2nd wife
Amelia Slean1870-1929

BuriedSt. James Cemetery, Toronto

Arthur Urriah Skelley death 1888
Arthur Urriah Skelley

Died Oct 27 1888

Age 25 years 6 months

Son of John J. Skelley (and Agnes?)

Cause of death - Enteritis (intestinal inflammation)

Native of Devonshire England

Also Agnes Skelly  (Note diff spelling - his mother?) Born 1826 Died 18__

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery

David Stanley died 1843 Age 38
David Stanley

Died Jan 22 1843 Age 38

Born England (no known family)

Buried Potter's Field Bloor and Yonge Sts

Re-interred Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Henry M Stevenson 1854 - 1922 his wife Elizabeth Donahue his sons George Melville and Arthur Joseph
Henry Mosely Stevenson 1854-1922
Born - Scotland.
Residence - 641 Ontario St Toronto
COD unknown
his wife 
Elizabeth Donahue 1854-1922
their sons
George Melville Stevenson 1881-1905
Arthur Joseph Stevenson 1888-1892
Buried St. James Cemetery
John Watkins and Mary Ann Watkins death grave stone
John Watkins
Died July 23 1856
Aged 10 months
Mary Ann Watkins
Died Aug 17 1858
Age 2 years
Ann Jane Watts death grave stone 1901
Ann Jane Watts

Born Jan 10 1868

Died July 1 1901 Age 33

Buried St James Cemetery, Toronto

James Welsh died 1896 age 18 grave
James Welsh

Died Aug 6 (?) 1896 Age 18 years

Catherine Ryder

w/o George Welsh

Born Jul 1855

Died Nov 7 1919

Robert Welsh and wife Isabella Welsh
Robert Welsh
1882 - 1930
Also his wife
Isabella Welsh
1883 - 1937

Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery

James Wakefield West died Jan 7 1894 Toronto Retired Merchant grave
James Wakefield West

Born Brighton England 1833

Died Toronto Jan 7 1894

Age 61

COD Hepatic Cardiac Dropsy, Brights Disease

And his wife

Ann West Died Apr 17 1909

Buried St. James Cemetery, Toronto

Elizabeth Wilson died May 23 1867 Toronto Age 52 grave
Elizabeth Wilson

Died of Rheumatism

May 23 1867

Age 52

Samuel WIlson son of John and Jane Wilson died July 9 1884 aged 18 years
Samuel Wilson
son of John and Jane Wilson
died July 9 1884 aged 18 years

Laura Whitcher Fell wife of J.E. Fell died age 76 November 21 1853 (?)
Laura Whitcher
w/o J. E. Fell
Died November 21 1853 (?)
Age 76

William Henry Youdan son of Robert and Sarah Youdan died May 29 1844 age 3 years and 11 months

Sacred to the memory of

William Henry Youdan

Born England

(also spelled Youdon, Youden)

son of Robert and Sarah Youdan

Died May 29 1844

Aged 3 years and 11 months.

Buried Potter's Field (re-interred Necropolis or Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto)

COD -Inflammation