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How to find a grave

Online genealogical search tools have come along way in the last few years.. It's now possible to locate and download an image from almost anywhere in the world from the comfort of your kitchen table, thanks  to dedicated volunteers who are mapping cemeteries. The sites listed below should help you find your ancestor graves, images and other related death information including cause of death.  New images are uploaded frequently so keep checking back.  

Billion Graves  Searchable database of grave images plus links to other related informaion (additional records may be fee-access)


Find a Grave   Famous and everyday people, searchable grave image database

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA)  A pointer database consisting of the surnames, cemetery name and location of over 3 Million interments from several thousand cemeteries, cairns, memorials, and cenotaphs in Ontario Canada. Great place to start if you don't know the cemetery name.


Canada GenWeb Cemtery Project. Free searchable database of over 18,000 cemeteries and increasing with help of volunteer efforts.


Mount Pleasant Group   On the sites menu, select Find-A-Grave for the free searchable database of burials including plot number and map to guide you.  This terrific tool applies to all 10 cemeteries in their group.

FamilySearch Records includes scanned original death records dating from 1826 - Potter's Field.  Not searchable but you can try looking up your ancestor using the  Name Index search to find date of burial and cemetery then scroll through the registers. It's an interesting and sometimes very sad reading whether you have a relative buried there or not. In addition to Potter's Field, you can browse death/burial registers of Mount Pleasant, Prospect and Necropolis Cemeteries.  


RCMP Graves in Canada  searchable database RCMP history, cemeteries, graves, memorials

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Commemoration of 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during WW I and WW II. Buried in 153 world cemeteries.  Searchable database by name or cemetery

Canadian Virtual War Memorial Searchable registry of fallen Canadian soldiers 

WWI Personnel Records (LAC)  A treasure trove of WWI HR Records including payroll registers!  Hair, eyecolour and next-of-kin address can be found too.  


Service Files WW II Dead (LAC)   Searchable database of Fallen Soldiers along with instructions in how to obtain the files. Check out LAC's extensive  MIlitary Heritage collectons dating from 1812.  

St James Cemetery, Toronto opened in the early1840's and is still in use today.  The church doesn't have an online database but a partial list can be found HERE. The resident genealogist isvery helpful and delighted to answer any questions. Drop by or email. It's a beautiful cemetery and well worth a walk around to read and respect our early pioneers.  There is much sadness in old in old cemeteries as child and young adult deaths were all too common.  

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