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What a horrendous journey it must have been for women with small children. A typical trip would mean weeks crossing the ocean to Quebec, sailing down the St Lawrence River on a steamer to Montreal then boarding a stagecoach to Toronto. 

Few complete immigrant pre-1865 arrival lists still exist. It can be frustrating but don't despair, census and newspaper obituaries can help you with arrival year and country of origin.  

Try these sites for a possible connection to your ancestor.

LAC Passenger Lists - search by name OR year which is useful for capturing spelling variations.

LAC Citizonship and Naturalization  - Searchable database from 1828 -1850.

LAC Home Children - Searcheable database of over 100,000 young children sent to Canada. Many were abused and treated horribly, an ugly blight on Canada. 

The Ships List  - Search ship arrivals by year and departure place and passenger lists. Amazing site. Lots of fascination and sometimes sad Captains storiesd and nother notes. The site is updated often as more information becomes available so be sure to check back frequently.

DNA testing

DNA testing is easy, painless and inexpensive. Long long ago, in the days before Uber, many of our ancestors walked out of Africa and settled in far away new lands. Along the way they hooked with new friends including Neanderthals. Where and when they eventually settled in for the long run shaped who we are today. DNA testing unlocks the mystery of this original early genealogical journey. It tells us about our physical traits like eye colour, curly or straight hair, and alerts us to health risks we may face allowing for a head start on preventitive action. DNA testing has become quite popular and is easy, painless and inexpensive means of tracing your past and mapping your genealogical journey.  

We recently came upon the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy. The Guide is an excellent piece of scientifically researched work by experts in fields of Genetics and Genealogy. The DNA Testing Guides offer good  information and guidance. Have a look. 

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