Where did you come from?

By this stage of your research, you know who you are and from whence you came. From the census information compiled, you know the names of your First Family and the year they arrived.  The next step is to trace your family history as far back in time as you can.  The sites below are a good jumping off point.  More links will be added as useful sites become known.  

Start with the free stuff.  

Family Search has a large volume of family history records fully accessible online without charge.  Just be mindful of the source of the records. Information uploaded by private individual is not substantiated and has been known to be incorrect.  Bad data will set you on a wrong path which is both frustrating and a waste of time. 

These sites may charge fees and publication rules regarding public access to vital statistics and will vary among the jurisdictions.  Each site will outline their access rules.

Canada Immigration and Citizenship Genealogy Guide-  

The Canadian government provides a variety of links that will help you on your search to find out the identities of your ancestors Tracing Family History.

The Beginners Guide To Genealogy is a professionally-prepared tool to help you unlock your past.  Lots of great tips as well as DNA Test Kits are offered. Check them out here.

JewishGen’s mission is to encourage the preservation of Jewish heritage, allowing anyone with Jewish ancestry to research their roots, connect with relatives, and learn about their family history. 

Lara's Jewnealogy   This blog has useful links and information to aid in your search of jewish records.

Other Countries of Origin

Family Search is a good place to start.  Depending on language issues, you can search local sites after you have explored what's available here.



Italian genealogy site    TuttoGenealogy.it

A joint digitization effort of The National Archives of Italy and Family Search is currently underway to create a FREE searchable online database of birth, marriage and death records of Italy.   Check it out here.   They're also looking for volunteers to help with the project.


More of  Europe and other countries 

Chinese Canadian Genealogy is a  website maintained by the Vancouver Public Library  geared to family research assistance.   Free!  Go

Library and Archives Canada Genealogy and Family Hstory site has information and databases of Canada's diverse ethno-cultural immigration and search tips.  Go 

Ancestry Sites

Here's a list of fee-based sites that offer online searchable databases for family trees and worldwide records. 


Find my Past 

Family Link 


My Heritage 

Emerald Ancestors

Want to become a serious genealogist?The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy fee-based courses and programs directed at enhancing amateur and serious genealogical research skills.