Old Toronto (York) Maps

1830 map of pre-Toronto

Toronto Historical maps online 

The Historical Maps of Toronto site, compiled by Nathan Ng, offers a large collection of FREE online historical maps from as far back as 1787 Toronto.  

Easy to use layout.

Nathan frequently adds new material so check back often.

Our Digital World provides access to over 4.1 million digital images, videos, scrapbooks, newspaper collections and more through ourontario.ca .  

Stuck in the tree?

You've been over all the free stuff and tried out the paid sites but your ancestor is still alluding you?  It happens. Especially in the early to mid 1800's when records were sparse, if kept at all. 

Don't be afraid to engage the services of a genealogist. A seasoned genealogist has access to a vast array of research tools and years of experience.  This is especially true for overseas where local parish records are required.  

Fees vary but if you agree on an hourly rate (often requires a minimum number of hours at $27 per hour) with a fixed maximum dollar amount, you are able to control what you spend.  

Do your due diligence, but you'll find many genealogists on the Net, Twitter (search family tree or genealogy) and/or through your local genealogical society linked below.

McGill University Digital Atlas Program

In 2001, McGill University completed the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project. 

Township maps, portraits and properties were scanned, with links from the property owners names into a searchable database.

The site includes an alphabetical list of Ontario Counties and corresponding numbers that link to the map.  See your ancestors house, neighbours, church and other locals interests. 

This is a fantastic project and the site a must visit! Search

County Genealogical Societies 

The Ontario Genealogical Society  has branches for most (if not all) Ontario counties and districts. An annual membership fee may be required and research data is usually offered on a 'for sale' basis.  

If you are stuck  and need a professional hand with your family history search, the local genealogy society is a good place to start.

You can view an interesting collection of old Ontario postcards online and purchase a print or high resolution reproduction.

Simcoe County OGS

This site offers a free searchable database of settler information related to Simcoe County residents.  

When you enter a surname to the Settlers Database Search, any information that has been transcribed (e.g. census or burial) will appear. It's free and it's useful.

McGill Collections

McGill stores thousands of digital maps. Including  The Pugsley Collection of 50 maps dating from 1556, drawn by European cartographers.  The maps tell the story of the discovery and development of North America.                                                                                                                                    

Check this site if you are interested in the Penetanguishene area.  The museum has genealogical material as well as artifacts.

Ontario Genealogical Branches and Groups

Visit the Genealogy society branches for published information and research help relevant to the county.