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British National Archive site offers almost 38 million pages of UK and Ireland newspapers dating back to 1700's. It's a fee based site but prices are reasonable. For about $40 CAD you can search and download 40 pages.  You can search by place, name date etc.  It's a treasure trove of history and well worth the few bucks to explore. 


Newspaper Archive   Subscription based. Papers and other genealogy and family history from most countries.


Our Digital World offers view and access to photographs, maps, videos, oral histories, government documents, newspapers and more. It's a good source for finding Community Newspapers by location. That's where the rich day-to-day stuff society stories are found.


Paper of Record is a fee-based (prices are reasonable)  searchable archive of old newspapers from around the world.  Here's a list of newspapers and countries available to date.


Toronto Library Archive offers free access to searchable full-page reproductions of newspapers from the 1800s to the recent past including  The  Globe and Mail 1844 - 2015  and The Toronto Star 1894 - 2016.  Also access on microfilm at the Toronto Reference Library if you don't have a library card.   Both papers are good sources of Social Columns, Obituaries, weddings as well as news.  If a Toronto library card is required for full access, check with your local library.


Ontario Archives Research Guide offers good tips for finding newspapers not in their collection. Archives Ontario has an extensive microfilmed collection of early Ontario newspapers.  Viewing requires a physical visit but check with them to see if qualifies for inter-loan program. 


Historical Canadian Newspapers online.    (BGSU University Libraries).  This is a well organized research tool. Includes links to newspapers available online, searchable by province.  Note says the guide is no longer updates as the librarian who maintained has retired.  Seems a shame someone else couldn't take over.  

This same site offers an exellent finding guide newspapers, whether in paper, microfilm, microfiche, online subscription databases, or freely available on the Internet.  Finding Guide

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